Let's be honest, passwords are annoying. These days, we need a password or PIN everywhere. We have so many that we can't keep track of them all so for the sake of convenience many of us choose passwords that are easy to remember. We use the names of our children, our own names or birthdays and even the name of our favourite pet. And to make it even easier, we'll use the same password every time we sign up for a website requiring one.

Why passwords are important

The problem is, when it comes to passwords, convenience equals risk. While we may find them annoying it is important to remember that they are often the first (and possibly only) defence against intrusion. The following is why passwords are important.

  • They protect personal information such as financial accounts and private documents
  • It is important to note that passwords that are easy to remember are usually also easy for others to guess
  • Using passwords that are easy to figure out and using the same password over and over again is like leaving a master key to all of your locks under your doormat
  • To protect yourself it's important to use strong passwords and to use a different password on every website you use