Savings Index

Introduction from Nationwide UK (Ireland) Managing Director Brendan Synnott

Welcome to the Nationwide UK (Ireland) Savings Index.

In 2009 we devised a quantitative research methodology to research consumer perspectives on saving. The research is conducted each month on our behalf by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) and a Savings Index report has been produced and made available every month since April 2010.

As a relatively new direct savings provider to the Irish Market, we believe that it is important to know what consumers think about savings; their personal attitudes towards their saving patterns saving and how events in the wider economic environment including government policy impact on their behaviour. Decisions made by individuals about their saving intentions have important implications for the consumption of goods and services and the input this makes to the broader economic environment in the country.

We hope that the information in our index will contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics of the Irish economy today and in the years ahead.