Taking money out by cheque

In order for us to process your Euro cheque withdrawal request as quickly as possible please provide the following information:

  • Payee name
  • The amount
  • The account from which the cheque is to be drawn (if you have more than one account)
  • The address where the cheque is to be sent

Cheques are available from our Spencer Dock office at any time during opening hours. Cheque instructions received before 3pm will be sent by post that day. Instructions for cheques can be given at Merrion Row. However cheques can only be issued at Spencer Dock.

There is no charge for making withdrawals by cheque.

You may have your cheque sent to your correspondence address or an address that you have nominated in writing.

Please note, for Telebanking and Internet Banking transactions, payee details must be designated in advance.

For Euro Easy Access Savings Accounts, you can make up to six penalty free withdrawals during the period 1 April to 31 March. Subsequent withdrawals will result in a 30 day interest charge on the amount withdrawn, as set out in the brochure titled Interest Rates and Charges.

For Euro Fixed Rate Savings Accounts, partial withdrawals are not allowed. Early closure is subject to a 90 day interest charge, as set out in the brochure titled Interest Rates and Charges.