Internet Banking

Subject to the Terms and Conditions of your account, with our Internet Banking Service you can:

  • Transfer money to designated Euro accounts within SEPA (Single European Payments Area)
  • Check your balance and transaction history
  • Send and receive secure messages

Please make sure you carefully read our Internet Banking and Telebanking Terms and Conditions

How secure is Internet Banking?

For security, we ask you to sign on to your account using three different types of personal security data.

  • Your customer number
  • Your memorable data
  • Three random digits of your passnumber

As only you will know what these are, we can be confident that the person signing on is you and so grant you access to your accounts.

Your customer number

You will find your 10-digit customer number in the letter we send you which will confirm your registration to the Internet Banking service. Whenever you use the Internet Banking service with Nationwide UK (Ireland), this is the customer number you will be asked to use. It is permanent and allocated to you alone.

Your memorable data

For security reasons, we ask for an additional item of memorable data when you register. This should be an easy to remember piece of information that you will recall straight away when you are signing on. Again for security reasons, we advise you not to use anything too obvious such as your date of birth, or your partner's date of birth. Don't use the name of the place you are living in and don't use your first name or your partner's first name as all of these may be easy for others to guess.

Your passnumber

We provide you with your passnumber, a 6-digit number, in the letter we send confirming your registration to the Internet Banking service. If you want to change your passnumber, you can. But remember, don't choose something obvious that others may guess. When you sign on we will ask you to enter three random digits of your passnumber. These must be entered in the drop down lists provided using your mouse rather than the numbered keypad. By asking for different digits on each visit and using the drop down lists to pick the correct digit, you will be better protected against fraudulent use.